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3 Steps To Cleaning Your Garden Light Solar Panels?

For starters, it is an undeniable fact that right now everyone is hunting for solar led lights for garden because let’s face it, no one likes to pay those massive electricity bills and when there is a way to generate electricity through sunlight then why not use it? It’s not only that solar panels are cost and energy-efficient...

In fact, if you search for some good garden lighting ideas right now and if you choose the best possible solar powered LED exterior lights, you can actually turn your outdoors into a majestically lit place.


Cleaning The Garden Light Solar Panels

Coming back to the topic for which you are here. Cleaning solar panels is quite imperative if you are actually looking forward to using them to light up your garden. You should check your panels every time it rains or AT LEAST clean them up once a month. As far as the cleaning is concerned, it’s pretty easy and you just need a non-abrasive soap along with a soft sponge and a cloth.


3 Steps To Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Here’s what you need to do:


1 - First of all, brush the debris away from your solar panel and for that you can use a sponge or a soft cloth. Just be polite with the brushing part.


2 - In a gentle wiping motion, wipe the lawn and garden solar lights with a soft cloth that’s first damped in some lukewarm water and a non-abrasive soap.


3 - Take another soft cloth, damp it in some clean water and then clean the solar panels again without using too much force.



This is the process you need to follow every time you want to clean your garden solar lights. It’s a one easy process that won’t even take much of your time but keeping on top of cleaning your solar lights will make the lights last much longer and it is vital if you want to reap all of its benefits.


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