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How To Light Up Your Garden For An
Unforgettable Party


If you have a house with a beautiful garden, you're in luck! Because we are about to show you how to turn your garden into a party location that’s fit for a king with elegant garden lighting ideas.

There’s nothing better than to return home from your routine job and spend some time in your garden to get some fresh air and relax your mind. But, if you want to host a party, your garden is the perfect venue if you know how to light it up!

6 Lighting Tips For An Unforgettable Garden Party

Tip 1: The Party Mood

The perfect garden lighting makes all the difference it can ruin or enhance your garden depending on the types of lights and styles you choose.

To get an idea about how to decorate your garden for your big party you can start by taking a short walk around your garden to understand the different types of lights that you would need to bring your party to life.

If you're hosting a children's party then the mood of the lighting would be considerably different to the mood of a gin drinking evening. Base your choice of lights on your style of party.


Tip 2: Pick Your Favorite Spots

To get the perfect lighting you'll need to choose the particular areas that will serve as the seating area, dance floor, and tables for catering and eating.

Think about any special features of your garden that you want to highlight. Garden ground lights are the perfect choice if you wish to elaborate a special feature of your gardens like a statue or your favorite tree.


Tip 3: Avoid Overly Bright Lights

The most important thing to consider when choosing to light for a garden party is how much light would be enough?

Choose your light depending on the season. Summer evening parties would require a considerable amount of illumination to brighten the garden party. On the other hand, the most significant point is not to use overly bright lights that takes away the serenity and peace of the garden.

Too much light is never a good option to avoid that at all costs. Marker lights in different colours are ideal for a garden party; they emit sufficient light that’s charming and not overly bright.


Tip 4: Light Up The Porch and Entrance

Strategically placed coach lantern wall lights in different designs and colors will surely be the biggest highlight of the party lighting. Use them on the porch and entrance for a grand and sophisticated lighting option for your party.

It’s essential for you to put these lights and every other decorative light in the right place. You don’t want your guests to have irritated watery eyes by placing lights at the eye-level.

You can also use the walls surrounding your garden for lighting. For this, wall lights or lamps will work. You can also find a great solution using LED strips in the wall pots. Use premium LED strips to enhance the various flowerpots and tree trunks.

In large gardens, the use of direct light will look pleasant and rich you can add bollards and posts to highlight the pathway of the garden. But if you have a small balcony or a small garden light solar will help you get an elegant party look that’s stylish and trendy.


Tip 5: Think Out Of The Box

If your party is based, on Valentine’s Day theme, or you are hosting an anniversary dinner for friends and family then adding candles to the mix is a good option. Candles along with small solar garden lights.

If you have a pond in your garden, you can place small LED lights on the pond edges to highlight this gorgeous water feature.


Tip 6: Use The Gazebo (If You Have One)

If you have a gazebo in your garden, you can also use it for lighting up your garden for the party. The options are limitless you can use LED strips, lanterns or tiny lights dangling the garden on the quarry make your garden colorful and ready for a big party.

For walking, garden poles and bollards are an excellent choice. If you prefer solar LED lights for garden lighting, then you have a chance to save money by getting rid of expensive cables. LED solar light chains can also be a stylish choice in terms of garden lighting ideas.



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