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IP Ratings are represented by combining the first and second digits of the below columns. See the example below.

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What is an IP Rating? How do I know if I have the correct fittings? Read our article below to find out everything you NEED to know.

IP Ratings

When shopping for outdoor or bathroom lighting, you will most probably have been confronted by a confusing IP rating. These are designed to provide us non-experts with an easy to understand description of how well-protected a light fitting is.

For those of you who don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of International, European, and British Standard codes here is a helpful guide to what they mean and examples of how a product and a situation match up with an IP code.


IP Ratings Broken Down

What does the code actually mean? Well, each part of the code is designed to give you information and help you decide if the fitting you are looking at is suitable for where you want to put it.


Firstly – IP

The IP in the code is short for Ingress Protection - as in how well protected a fitting is.

Digit 1 - Solids

The first digit tells you how well protected a fitting is against solids – such as dust, and other objects. The higher the number the more protected it is. On occasion, you may find the digit represented by an X. This means the value has not been determined, usually because the product hasn't been tested for protection against solid objects.

Digit 2 - Liquid

The second digit is used to tell you about the level of liquid protection: 0 being not protected and, the highest value of 8 being safe to submerge in more than 1 meter of water.


Security, Whatever the Weather...

Anybody looking for a security light wants them to be durable and protected against the extremities, whether they are to be situated indoors or outdoors. Mostly designed for outdoor use, some have a higher IP rating than others, which can range from an IP of 44 to 68. The Solar PIR Porch Light, for instance, is suitable for use in outdoor buildings such as your garage, shed or porch, with an IP Rating of 44.

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