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LED Downlights Bathroom Tips & Ideas

Bathroom downlights are used to create a calm, relaxing ambience, they are considered as the bread and butter for any bathroom. Whatever style or interior you have, there’s a downlight for different sections or zones of the bathroom. These lights are a good choice if you want a relaxing ambient light to highlight the special features of the bathroom. Choosing the right light fixtures for your bathroom needs attention and the right type of lights than other rooms as it contains water.



Choose Different Lights For Each Zone In The Bathroom

To get the perfect light, divide your bathroom into different zones. The lights over the shower or sink should be marked in zone one and use IP44 splash proof LEDs. For any other lights that need to submerged near water or placed near water then you have to choose bathroom LED downlights with IP65 or IP67 ratings that are waterproof and dustproof. 

To understand the IP rating chart, read the full article.

The Right Brightness Is Essential

Choose a downlight with a high colour rendering index or CRI because they come in handy when you want to do your makeup or other personal hygiene tasks like shaving. A downlight with the right CRI ensures that you have the right makeup on since these lights are designed to display colours as they would appear under natural light.


If you want the right light for your bathroom then it’s important to pay attention to the Lumens they emit. The Lumen is known as the total light output from a light source. A higher rated lumen indicates a brighter downlight. For upgrading your old halogens to the new and improved LED bathroom downlights to make sure that you check all the specifications of your bathroom before installing downlights.


The Right Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is known as the basic colour characteristic of light. It can be either a warm or cool. The warm colour temperature has a yellowish tint to it while the cool one has a blue shade. Lights with lower Kelvin produces warm white light whereas higher Kelvin produces cool white lights.

For bathroom use, cooler blue light near the sink and amenities area. Cooler light highlights our face so it’s helpful when applying makeup or facemasks in the vanity area of your bathroom. Most expert makeup artists prefer to use cool bathroom downlights to get the perfect natural look so why to add higher Kelvin downlights to your bathroom.


Dimmable Light Options

When choosing the right downlights for your bathroom its essential to choose the ones with dimmable options. LED recessed bathroom downlight with dimmable options gives you more freedom to choose your lighting.

Most people prefer to shower or bathe in a relaxing low-lit ambience. To get a relaxing and calm ambience in your bathroom to choose dimmable downlights. Avoid choosing a fixed ideal lighting fixture when you have the option to select dimmable lights of your choice.


Avoid Direct Lighting

Choosing a light fixture that points directly to your head is unflattering and uncomfortable. When installing downlights its essential to make sure that you have selected the right ceiling downlight that illuminates the walkway area.

Install the lights behind your vanity area because the lights at the front will cast a dark shadow over your face. Using a light fixture on one side of the mirror is not a good idea; it creates a shadow and doesn’t look appealing. Your bathroom light should be focusing on different parts of your bathroom rather than pointing directly at different sections.


Lighting For Shower Area And Bath Tub

The shower area should have LED bathroom downlight IP65, this rating is ideal for shower areas since it is riddled with water every single time the shower area is used. Choose adjustable downlights for your shower and tub area to give you a uniquely lit bathroom. Another tip is to install your downlights in neat rows in the ceiling with an equal amount of space for perfect lighting.

LED recessed bathroom downlights are the best option to light up the ceiling of your bath and shower area. These recessed bathroom lights when installed correctly by a professional will turn your old bathroom into a chic spa by choosing the right light.


LED Bathroom Ceiling Spotlights

You will need ceiling spotlights for your bathroom to highlight any decorative items or for your vanity area. The bathroom is now a room where most people spend a lot of time from shaving to personal hygiene and makeover.

Having an adjustable ceiling spotlights in the vanity area and over the bath section will help you get a well-lit bathroom. But remember to choose dimmable lights for your bathtub area as some people prefer to use low light for a comforting relaxing bath at the end of the day.





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